Hello and welcome to my web site. If you have been referred to me, it’s my pleasure to help you understand why you have been recommended to me. If you found me on your own or by accident, you have come across the web site of a very unique and very caring Holistic Doctor.

Today, more and more people than ever before are seeking “Natural or Holistic” healthcare. This type of healthcare has become so much part of the mainstream of our healthcare system that calling it “Alternative” no longer applies.

People are beginning to learn and understand that illness may also be due to physiological dysfunction. Poor health does not always fall into the realm of pathology requiring medication or surgery. Illness due to physiological dysfunction can benefit tremendously by re-establishing health and wellness without a dependency on Pharmaceuticals. Complementary (Natural) healthcare offers the option of regaining health by helping the body and mind heal themselves.

At my practice I focus on figuring out the causes of your health problems on all levels and do not merely treat your symptoms. My unique holistic approach allows me to get to these different causes, correct them and then help your body regain its health. In the process most of your symptoms are eliminated and you no longer have to use prescription drugs or over the counter medications for temporary relief .


Holistic Nutritional Programs

  • Candida Elimination Protocols
  • Heavy Metal Eliminaton Protocols
  • Elimination of Chemical Sensitivities
  • Food Sensitivity Elimination Protocols
  • Food Toxin Screening and Elimination
  • Elimination of Environmental Sensitivities
  • Parasites, Lyme’s and Microorganism Protocols
  • Elimination of Pesticides, Additives, and Mycotoxin Sensitives
  • NET ( Neuro Emotional Technique)
  • AK Biofeedback
  • Phobia and Fear Elimination
  • Injury Recall Technique



Additional Information:

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