Have you ever wondered why all the diets advertised to help you lose weight never seem to really address the important issues? “Why can’t I lose weight? I used to be so thin, I could skip a meal and drop a few pounds. No matter what diet plan I follow, I always gain my weight back and even more. Why do I have to starve to lose wight? I am so confused between calories, carbs, fats and whatever.”

Weight loss is really not about what diet you follow or how many calories you eat; it’s about how your body from the brain down is functionally normal on a hormonal level. In other words, it is often an imbalance in your hormones, particularly insulin (Insulin Resistance Syndrome) that is making you fat and also making you tired, irritable, having loss of libido and perhaps not being able to sleep very well. The good news is that it can be corrected, although not overnight. I work with patients all the time to help them reach their weight and health goals.

Everyone is different and so the protocol and recommendations are always designed to fit a patient's needs and abilities. One can start very slowly, or if one wants use a more aggressive approach.

Isn’t it wonderful to think that you can once again have control over your body instead of it having control over you? If you would like more information on weight loss and regaining your health, call me and set up a consultation.

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