Each patient is a unique individual. After determining what conditions you have, I design specific programs and treatments to help you regain your health. There are never any two patients on exactly the same programs and treatments. Each program of care is designed for your specific health issues.

Here is a list of the programs and treatments that I utilize most often.

  • Candida Elimination Protocols

  • Parasites, Lyme’s and Microorganism Protocols

  • Heavy Metal Eliminaton Protocols

  • Elimination of Chemical Sensitivities

  • Food Sensitivity Elimination Protocols

  • Food Toxin Screening and Elimination

  • Elimination of Environmental Sensitivities

  • Elimination of Pesticides, Additives,
    and Mycotoxin Sensitivities

  • NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

  • AK Biofeedback

  • Phobia and Fear Elimination

  • Injury Recall Technique

  • Weight Loss Programs