Have you ever wondered if the supplements you are buying at your local health food store, vitamin shop, drugstore, etc., are actually good for you?

Did you know many companies that manufacture vitamins, minerals and even herbs coat their products with shellac?  Some add fillers and additives as well. One of the worst products that can be added to your supplements is magnesium stearate or stearic acid. Both of these are a fat which ultimately causes you not to be able to absorb the nutrient properly. In time, they end up coating your small intestine as well creating a malabsorption problem.

So how do you know what supplements to buy, which brands are good, and which do not contain any of these products? My best recommendation is to make an appointment with someone like myself. I only use products that do not contain any of the above and then I test them to see if they fit your specific health needs. Applied Kinesiologists are trained to know what supplements are good for you and which ones won’t actually help you, and may, in fact, worsen your health issues.

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