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Dr. Bonnie Liakos in Glen Head, NY

We specialize in treating the following conditions: 

  • Candida
  • Lyme Disease
  • SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • EMF (Electromagnetic field) Issues
  • Heavy Metal Accumulation
  • GERD
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Pain
  • Emotional Disorders
  • Weight Loss

What is Lyme Disease? Why has it become such a serious illness in today's world? Why do so many people have it? Where does it come from? Will I ever feel well again? Why can’t anyone help me? Why now? And why me? 

These are some of the questions many of my Lyme patients ask me when coming to my office seeking help with their illness. Let’s start with a brief history of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is not new. It has been around in North America for over 60,000 years. Originally it was thought to have been sparked by a recent introduction of the bacterium or an evolutionary change, a mutation to the bacterium, making it more transmissible to humans. None of this is true.   

Actually, deforestation and the explosion of the deer population in the last century created optimal conditions for the spread of ticks and triggered the ongoing epidemic. Since the 1970’s the disease has rapidly spread across New England and the Midwest. It has been reported in 49 states with 90% of the cases occurring from Maine to Virginia and in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. On the West Coast, Lyme Disease also occurs in Northern California and Oregon. Lyme Disease is also in Europe, across the former Soviet Union and in China and Japan. Different strains of the Borrelia bacterium cause Lyme Disease. The North American  strain is different from the strains in other places in the world. But they all cause Lyme Disease. 

It has become the most common vector-borne disease in North America. The disease has more than tripled since 1995 and the Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) now estimates that more than 300,000 Americans get ill from Lyme Disease each year. The ticks are not only spread by deer, but also small mammals and birds that can transport it long distances. 

The symptoms of Lyme Disease and the illness itself is very complicated. The early symptoms may include a rash as well as neurological, cardiac, and joint abnormalities. It was thought originally that everyone would get the classic Bulls Eye Rash, but that is not so. Every person who gets Lyme Disease expresses it differently. Many of my patients have suffered from debilitating headaches, while others experience burning nerve pain. Some people can barely get out of bed. Many times severe digestive issues arise like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). GERD (heartburn and reflux) and colitis. Many of my patients complain of dizziness, depression, exhaustion, memory problems, sleep issues, night sweats, and other hormonal issues.

What can make Lyme Disease so hard to treat is that most people who become very sick from Lyme Disease already have many other factors affecting their health that have not been treated. I have found over the many years that I have been in practice that in order to get a patient well from Lyme Disease you must first address these other health issues before treating Lyme Disease. These other health issues can be Candida, SIBO, viruses, parasites, bacteria, heavy metal accumulation, environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances,
and auto-immune or toxic overload of the body. 

Many people who come to see me have been to many other doctors, both traditional and holistic over the years. Most have taken years of antibiotics and other herbal formulations. Many have told me that they feel better for a while, but then they start to feel all the symptoms again, never really getting well. Sometimes they actually feel worse. 

My approach is completely different. After helping my patients lessen the burden on their overall immune systems by correcting those other health issues, I then begin my Lyme Protocol. As an Applied Kinesiologist and a Holistic Chiropractor, I look at all aspects of your health. This is called the Triad of Health. Structure, chemistry, and brain function must all be working together in order to help restore optimal health. These are the three sides of the triad with structure being the base.

Testing for all types of Lyme and its co-infections is the first step. Once that is known I then proceed to test many different types of supplements—vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, essential fatty acids, homeopathic’s, etc., to see what your body needs to help it heal from
these infections. Very specific structural corrections are also made to help the body heal. These include chiropractic, acupressure, cranial techniques, muscle rebalancing, injury recall technique, NET, exercise rehab, and more. The last part of my protocol is to engage the brain into this scenario. This is done through the meridian system. Without the brain being involved no permanent health changes can be made to your body. By doing all these steps I am helping your body communicate on all three sides of the triad: structure, chemistry, and brain function. 

    I had chronic fatigue. Between my extreme fatigue and overall muscle pain, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I had been on thyroid medication for years, but it didn’t help. I had seen other doctors who couldn’t figure out why I felt so badly. Dr. Liakos figured out that my body was not only holding on to large amounts of toxins but I had severe nutritional deficiencies. After 2 months working with her, I felt like a new person. I haven’t felt this good in over 25 years. I now wake up each morning ready to take on the world.

    Katie P


  • Candida Elimination Protocols

  • Lyme Elimination Protocols

  • SIBO Elimination Protocols

  • Parasite and Microorganism Elimination Protocols

  • Heavy Metal Elimination Protocols

  • Food Sensitivity Elimination Protocols

  • Food Toxin Screening and Elimination

  • Chemical Sensitivity Elimination Protocols

  • Environmental Sensitivity Elimination Protocols

  • Pesticide, Herbicide and Mycotoxin Sensitivity Elimination Protocols

  • NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

  • AK Biofeedback

I have been a Nationally Board Certified Chiropractor for 37 years. I graduated from Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in 1983. After graduating, I worked for one year as an Associate Doctor in the Washington, D.C. area.

It was during this year that I began exploring Applied Kinesiology, Eastern Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and other “Natural” health protocols as I began to be on my way to becoming a “Holistic Chiropractor”.

In 1984, I opened my own practice, also in the Washington, D.C. area, where I remained for 21 years. I became a Certified Applied Kinesiologist (similar to a residency in medicine), a Certified Chiropractic Sport and Rehab Specialist, and a Diplomate in Disability Ratings.

My practice began to evolve over the years moving away from patients who just wanted a fast adjustment for their neck or low back pain, into a full “Holistic Total Body Practice”.

As both a Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist, I was able to help patients with all types of health problems. People came to see me for Candida, Lyme Disease SIBO, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Problems, Food and Chemical Sensitivities,Heavy Metal Accumulation, EMF Problems, Malaise, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, PMS, Peri and Post Menopausal symptoms, Irritable Bowel,ADD/ADHD, Autism, Autoimmune Disorders to just name a few.

In 2004 I was nominated as a “Top Chiropractor in America” by my peers, an honor I do not take lightly. During this same year my family and I moved back to the New York area where I was originally from.

Rather than opening up a large practice incorporating other Chiropractors, and other “Natural” healthcare practitioners as I had done in the past, I decided to have a small office totally dedicated to helping patients regain their health. Most of my patients have not done well either with traditional medicine or other “Alternative” healthcare practitioners. They have usually been told that there is nothing really wrong with them or they will have to just learn to live with it. When they find me, they are so relieved that someone can finally tell them what is wrong with them and then help them get well and begin living a full life again!

As I enter my 37th year of practice, I continue to be excited about adding all the new protocols I continually learn, so that I may provide my patients with the best possible care. By continuing to broaden my techniques and skills I keep learning more and more about how amazing the human body actually is and all the wonderful things it capable of achieving



Many of my patients have very complicated health issues. They come to me confused, upset and wanting an explanation of why they feel the way they do and why they can’t get better.

Many have stated that they have seen so many different doctors and no one seems to know, not only how to help them but what is actually wrong with them. After I do my exam and explain to them what I have found, they are so grateful to finally understand why they feel the way they do and know that I am going to be doing my best helping them regain their health regardless of the cause or symptom.

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