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Candida (systemic yeast) , has become an epidemic in our society. It is caused  by over use of antibiotics,hormonal birth control, hormone replacement and the exchange of any body fluid with other individuals who already have candida. The symptoms of candida  are food and food toxin sensitivities, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, memory problems, brain fog, muscular skeletal pain, headaches, increase in allergies and colds, rashes, fatigue, joint pain, skin eruptions and more.  To learn more about your treatment options for this condition, please scroll down to read more.


Who gets Candida?

Candida does not care if you are young or old, male or female. It has become an epidemic in our society. Candida (systemic yeast overgrowth), occurs over time. A baby can actually be born with Candida if its mother had Candida when she was pregnant. Many children born with Candida exhibit its early symptoms  such as Thrush (coated white tongue). If not treated properly these children can develop increased tendencies towards allergies, ear infections, respiratory infections, learning problems, ADD/ADHD , muscular skeletal pain and headaches. 

Many adults with Candida also exhibit symptoms. Many times they develop allergies later in life, always seem to be getting sick, are tired all the time, depressed, anxious, have brain fog and often complain that they just don't feel well.

How does Candida cause these symptoms?

The microorganism excretes toxins into the body because you gut is compromised and not healthy. As the ph of the large intestine changes , it's permeability changes as well, and so the toxins leak out. This is called "Leaky a Gut Syndrome". These toxins go everywhere in your body, affecting every system, including ending up in a layer of chemicals around your brain.These toxins cause many of the symptoms associated with candida.

How is Candida treated holistically?

Dr. Liakos has successfully treated patients in her NYC and LI, NY offices. She utilizes applied kinesiology protocols and holistic chiropractic techniques to figure out the cause of the candida and then help's  your body restore itself to health through  a combination of specific structural corrections, acupressure,  nutrition and diet. Many food sensitives that developed as a result of the candida overgrowth are also  eliminated, as the immune system begins to come back into a healthier state. Candida is many times the first condition that presents itself to Dr. Liakos at her office, and many times the cause of other health issues.  For more information on Candida go to the articles section and read her article on Candida

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