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Bonnie Liakos, DC, DABAN

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Heavy metals can enter your body from many different sources. They are found in tap water, well water, pollution, dental fillings,crowns, seafood, canned foods, deodorants and antiperspirants, food additives, paints and dyes, medications, newsprint, treated lumbar, swimming pools, industrial products and much more. They can cause muscular skeletal pain, headaches, memory problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, rashes, brain fog, fatigue, sleep disorders, ADD/ADHD, just to name a few symptoms. To learn more about your treatment options for this condition, please scroll down to read more.

Heavy Metal and EMF Imbalances

 Electromagnetic Field Imbalances (EMF's)

Unfortunately, we live in  a very electromagnetic world. EMF's are found in microwaves, fluorescent lighting, cell phones, computers, electric lines, power plants, electric blankets, electric heating pads, portable earbuds and hybrid cars. Their effect on the body is that they create a genotoxic  effect on the DNA. This affects immune function, neurology and behavior. It can also increase certain  cancers in the body like childhood Leukemia, brain and breast cancer. 

Treating Heavy Metal Accumulation and EMF Imbalances Holistically

Dr. Liakos utilizes specifically applied kinesiology and holistic chiropractic techniques designed specifically to  diagnose and treat heavy metal accumulation and EMF imbalances.  Every protocol is noninvasive and patients are put on a specific program designed for their individual health needs. Since heavy metals like to store on every nerve ending in the body, in the liver and in the brain, specific structural corrections, including cranial respiratory reflex technique is incorporated. Specific nutrients are tested on each patient and only those that work for that individual are utilized along with the structural protocols to help the body release and eliminate the heavy metals and get rid of them. Utilizing the same protocols the EMF imbalance is also corrected.

As with all of Dr. Liakos' protocols, at completion, the patient is put on a maintenance dose of a specific nutrient so that their body doesn't start holding on to heavy metals again and then end up with an EMF imbalance as well. They are instructed on how to minimize their EMF exposure and go on to live healthy and productive lives. 

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