I had chronic fatigue. Between my extreme fatigue and overall muscle pain, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I had been on thyroid medication for years, but it didn’t help. I had seen other doctors who couldn’t figure out why I felt so badly. Dr. Liakos figured out that my body was not only holding on to large amounts of toxins but I had severe nutritional deficiencies. After 2 months working with her, I felt like a new person. I haven’t felt this good in over 25 years. I now wake up each morning ready to take on the world.
— Katie P.

I have been to many different types of doctors in the past 5 years. Some have been traditional and some holistic. Unfortunately, no one was able to help me. Then I was recommended to Dr. Liakos. Not only is she very thorough, but she is extremely kind and very attentive to me regarding my health issues. I had been suffering from Candida and parasite issues. I had severe headaches, digestive issues, pain in my muscles and joints, eczema, fatigue and emotional upsets. Dr. Liakos was able to not only figure out my health problems, but she also customize a specific health protocol to deal with my health issues. I had never met a doctor before that worked to correct all aspects of my body. She examined and rebalanced my structure, my chemistry and how my brain was processing as well. By working all these different systems in my body, my health began to come back and my symptoms began to diminish. Everything Dr. Liakos does is scientifically documented and researched, and includes applied kinesiology protocols, chiropractic, nutrition, homeopathy, exercise rehab, diet, detoxification and so much more. If I had not found Dr. Liakos, I can honestly say I would not have been able to regain my health and my life. She is an amazing doctor and healer. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to resolve their health issues, whether large or small. She's the best!

— Carolyn P.

I had been suffering from cluster migraines my entire adult life. They were so debilitating that I would have to go into a dark room, lying perfectly still for hours, totally incapacitated. I had gone form one medical doctor to another. They had prescribed multiple medications which had only marginally helped me. Then a colleague of mine told me about Dr. Liakos and how she had helped his mother get rid of her migraines. Not only did Dr. Liakos figure out what was causing my terrible headaches, but she was able to get rid of them utilizing several of her protocols in a short amount of time. She is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever been to, to this day. I no longer wake up each day worrying about when my next migraine will hit, but rather wake up ready to take on what ever life has to offer.
— Jason L.

I am an entertainer who lives a very stressful lifestyle and I've been dealing with issues like anxiety and adrenal fatigue my whole life. In late 2013 after about 9 months of experiencing a crazy array of symptoms including GI issues, rapid weight loss, nervous system disorders, debilitating muscle and joint pain, nerve pain, nerve tremors, nightmares, sleeplessness and more... I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease.

I immediately began seeking the help of medical professionals. I had much support over the first couple of years in the traditional realm and ultimately in the realm of chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist. Because Lyme is so complex, it needs addressing on a physical, emotional, spiritual, and bio-chemical level. I was living out west and worked extensively in Pasadena with a fabulous healer/practitioner who was the first person to get me out of pain and to show me it was possible to feel like myself again. As time went on I knew I would be spending more time in my hometown of New York for professional reasons and I also had some female issues that needed addressing so I decided to research practitioners in the chiropractic/Applied Kinesiology world on the East Coast and preferably a female doctor.

I started doing extensive research online and came across Dr. Bonnie Liakos. I called her and she returned my call right away. I knew within the first few minutes of our conversation that she knew her stuff and took a nurturing, yet "no nonsense" approach to healing. I was impressed by how much time she spent with me on that call. Many practitioners charge for their time by phone and are always in a rush. I have come to know now that Dr. Liakos prefers to take on fewer cases and give all serious patients the thorough time, care, and attention they need to thrive. My first visit came hot on the heels of a long flight and a night in the emergency room. I was really weak and at my wits end. Dr. Liakos was very calming yet "matter of fact" about where I was at... she did not feed into my fears which is a really great trait. Many doctors are "alarmists" and cause you to play out every ailment you fear you have. 

During the first visit Dr. Liakos checked me for food sensitivities so I had an exact picture of what foods were impeding my healing process. She then "desesitized" me to these foods so that my brain would signal to my body to allow me to accept these foods again after a 3 week period of eliminating them. She also took a step by step approach to detoxing the body and ridding it of candida, viruses, heavy metals, and toxins. Many traditional doctors rush and go after the Lyme itself before the system is clean and clear and ready to handle the burden of the die off. This methodical approach seemed to be working.

Within 2- 3 weeks I had more energy and clarity than I had had in ages. Others work differently and, their approach worked for me for a long time as it does for many but, I think - at least right nowI am most responsive to a "protocol" mindset. She could predict within a day or two when I would start to make a turn for the better and it happened like clockwork. This was re-assuring. I was feeling so good I thought I could go back home across the country and all would be fine. It was for a while, but ultimately I was still on a slippery slope and after many forks in the road and trying to make my healing process "convenient" for my lifestyle, geography etc, I set back out to NY to see Dr. Liakos once again. While I was home and seeking other care Dr. Liakos was always reachable by phone or email to advise and make suggestions. She never made me feel bad about my choices nor did she pressure me into returning to NY. She seemed to innately understand I was in a "life process" and finding my way. But, when I was ready, we resumed treatment. 

This time I was dealing with a lot more pain that had come to the forefront in my months away from Dr. Liakos's work. The cause of the pain was a deep medical issue that was not instantly recognizable. Lyme and associated illnesses like to hide and morph and it creates a really mysterious maze that can make one feel despondent when trying to get out of. I have learned this about Dr. Liakos.

What she doesn't immediately know.... she will dig to find out. She is constantly bettering herself and expanding her knowledge through attending seminars around the world and has no ego. I know that ultimately she will pinpoint the "main event" issue and get it under control. And, she has. The Lyme itself as well as the co-infections are well on their way to being under control. Rebuilding one's health after going through something like this as well as a lifetime of stress, poor diet, (yes, I grew up in the 70s and everything was fried!), and lots of lost hours of sleep will take time. But, I am committed to Dr. Liakos and I know that as long as I am.... she is committed to me! The time and care she takes with each and every one of her patients is priceless. Whether you are dealing with an acute chronic issue or just want to be in the best health possible both emotionally and physically I highly recommend booking a consult to see for yourself what this work is all about. It is a combo of nutrition, supplements, brain chemistry, alignment, muscle reflex work and so much more you will have to experience to fully understand or believe!

— Debbie Gibson, Recording Artist/Entertainer

I went from doctor to doctor with my IBS. I took every drug possible, going from internists to gastroenterologists. I was told it would go away eventually, but that didn’t help me feel better, or go to work and be productive. Dr. Liakos got me off these drugs, changed my diet, helped me get rid of toxins in my overall system, and gave me important advice about how to cope. Within two months, I realized I didn’t have to worry where the next bathroom was located.
— Kevin R.

Working with Dr. Liakos helped to cure my Lyme disease—the natural way. When I first arrived at Dr. Liakos’s office, I barely had energy to walk, no appetite, poor memory function, severe peripheral neuropathy, dizziness, head pressure, headaches and constant nausea. And, I was depressed because I was suffering and sick for so long. This was all due to poor and ineffective treatment over the course of one year. After seeing four different doctors, and trying numerous unsuccessful treatments that were causing my health to further deteriorate, I decided there had to be another way. That is when I decided to do some Internet research on natural cures for Lyme disease; and I found Dr. Liakos. During our first meeting, she clearly explained her approach to not only treating Lyme disease, but also maintaining overall health and wellness. In our second meeting, she did a full body assessment to determine all food allergies, toxins and/or infections—Lyme disease among them—that were negatively affecting my health.

Each of her test confirmed lab results, from my previous doctors, I had brought with me. From there, a herbal and vitamin-based treatment plan was created, tailored specifically to what my body needed and remedies my body would respond to best. This tailor-made treatment was extremely important to me, after having received numerous generalized treatments that were unsuccessful. Over the course of the next year and a half, layer-by-layer, we peeled away and eradicated each of the compounded illness that had caused my health to decline to such a low state. It was a long road. But, every few months, another cloud lifted and I slowly regained my memory, my appetite, and got rid of my Lyme disease and its residual symptoms. More importantly, I did it without having to worry about the damage the pharmaceuticals were causing to my body—which had quickly become a big concern of mine. Regaining complete, balanced nerve function (i.e. no pain, burning, tingling sensations) was the longest part of my recovery process. But through a continued regimen of cleansing and nourishing my body and nervous system, I’m nearly 100% better. Working with Dr. Liakos confirmed my feelings that the way to wellness is to work with the body’s defenses, not against them. It is up to each of us to commit to doing the work to heal ourselves. There is no quick fix for Lyme disease, its side effects, or any other form of illness. But, prevention, a full recovery, wellness and happiness are possible.”

— Sharifa G.

My child has ADD. He couldn’t concentrate in school, had trouble socializing, and his self-esteem was plummeting. His medical doctor put him on Ritalin, which I was not happy about. He said to keep in touch and let him know how the drug was working. Dr. Liakos balanced my son’s cranial bones and other structural imbalances, changed his diet and rebuilt what was missing. As a result, he started doing amazingly better in school. He is now a much happier and confident child.
— Susan L.

To simply put it, Dr. Bonnie Liakos saved my life. And that’s no exaggeration. Prior to meeting Dr. Liakos, I was battling a severe case of Lyme disease and other associated tick borne diseases for almost 5 years, and was basically a waste of a human being. I experienced so many physical and cognitive ailments, that getting out of bed and having a full functioning day was unheard of. And the scariest part was that feeling so horrible made me start questioning why I would even want to wake up to another day of misery.

So suffice to say, my mind and body felt like I was knocking on death’s door. I had spent the previous 5 years trying to get help from other sources including conventional, and holistic and natural physicians, and while some had very limited success, none of the protocols got me near to the point where I could function on a daily basis or even come close to holding down a job. Prior to getting sick I had a successful career, and had formed my own tech company, but then had to fold shop due to my illness and have not worked since. My family has had to sit and watch a shell of my formal self for years. For me, there was nothing worse than not being the father I wanted to be for my boys. They are my pride and joy, and I was very tired of hearing “it’s ok dad. We understand your sick…” Nothing is worse. All I wanted to do was to get better, and after trying numerous protocols and nothing producing the desired efficacy, I felt desperate and scared. As I would always say to people, “I would stand on my roof, naked, clucking like a chicken the star spangled banner if it would make me feel even a bit better.” But nothing was working.

For about a year I even gave up on finding a new treatment plan, because of the mental investment of trying something new, only to fail again, could lead me to an even darker place. There were so many options, so many people telling me what I should do, but to pick one without the sense of confidence in its effectiveness is not easy. If you've been there, you understand. Then I met Dr. Bonnie Liakos. I went into her office a bit skeptical, as I would have with any doctor that I was potentially turning my care over to. I went into the appointment with an open mind, but I also feared in the end I would walk out and not feel confident in her philosophies or the path she wanted to lead me on. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I could never properly articulate how she did it, but when I left her office that day, I was smiling ear to ear, and in my mind I was skipping down the NY streets. I can’t explain it, but it was a feeling I never thought I would find. Confidence in my doctor and confidence in a treatment plan. The way she thoroughly explained what was going on with my body, and why and how she wanted to treat me, made complete sense! I won’t go into all the details because that’s not important, but from that day on my life changed.

What I now think was the most critical and appreciated aspect of my Lyme treatment was that she did not immediately jump into treating the Lyme per say. I never thought I would be happy to hear that we weren’t attacking the parasites and infections right away, but I was. She took the time and detailed why it was so important to get my body prepared to fight the Lyme battle. She clearly had me understanding the need to rid myself of certain toxins and sensitivities, and align my body and mind prior to addressing the main issues. For the first time in all my other treatments, everything she said made sense.

First we needed to address the Candida, food sensitivities, and enormous amount of heavy metals in my body. The amount of medications I was on previously also poisoned my body as well, and was negatively impacting my bodily systems. Sure enough, even though for the first few months we were not concentrating on the Lyme and other tick borne tick infections, I started to feel improvement in my health. Something for years and years I thought I might never again experience. And it was not just the physical aspects that we worked on. My mental health was in just as poor shape as my physical. She understood where I was at mentally, and she worked with me. And though her treatments, her caring nature, and feeling physically better, my mind and feeling of self worth improved dramatically.

Why am I writing so much for a testimonial? I think if I was reviewing a product from Amazon I ordered I might take a couple paragraphs. So speaking about the woman who saved my life? Ya, I have a lot to say! Really the whole point of this testimonial is to urge anyone who has struggled to find the right care to resolve a litany of ailments, to try Dr. Liakos. I can’t guarantee that she will work for you, all I can say is how well she worked for me. The simplest way to put it, it’s like its magic! Really though, it’s because she has taken the time to learn her practice and take the time with her patients to understand the individual. And that’s what I love.

My previous treatment plans pretty much involved one set of rules and protocols for everybody. And while she has a common framework for illness, she tweaks and alters everything for the specific issues with one’s individual make up. Which makes sense. If you need to align all the systems of the body, everyone is going to have different issues going on within the framework of the overall body. As it would be impossible for everyone to have the same chemical, structural, spiritual makeup, it would be wrong to have a treatment plan that was developed for a one size fits all mentality. I plan on continuing my care with Dr. Liakos for a long time. Even though my Lyme has been eradicated, I feel she knows my body and if things aren’t working properly, she will fix them. I won’t need to see her as often, but I put all my trust in her. I tell everyone I know, if I was a multi-millionaire, forget the houses and cars, the first thing I would do is try to do is to get Dr. Liakos to travel with me and take care of my family!

And side note, I have not had one cold, or any other illness since I have been being treated and I have been surrounded by sick people, and not once have I caught anything. She even fixed other problems with my digestive system and shoulder that were not associated with my Lyme illness. The difference from the first day I walked into her office, to now, is night and day. From the initial implementation of her plan and protocol I started to feel incrementally better. And now, I am a functioning human being again! Ready to be the father my boys deserve, and get back to work. Frankly, I’m ready to take on the world… and it feels oh so good.

I owe everything to Dr. Liakos. My physical and mental wellness in the present, and a future which at one time I never thought I would be excited to see. I would highly encourage anyone who has any ailment, obviously not just a tick borne disease, to try Dr. Liakos. Especially if you have endured the frustrations like I did of trying other plans, but to no avail. Thank You Dr. Liakos! I truly feel blessed to have had you come into my life!

— Jason B.

Dr. Liakos has profoundly improved the condition of my health, and as a result, the quality of my life. I’ve suffered throughout my life with asthma, stomach issues and allergies. I decided many years ago to remove gluten and dairy from my diet as a way to ameliorate the symptoms, and although this change in diet was certainly helpful, it did not solve the issues.

As a next step, I sought out a functional medicine practioner who had me do a series of tests, resulting in the purchase of tons of supplements with the hope they would fix the various issues, SIBO, candida and an imbalance of intestinal flora. Unfortunately, not much changed and my food allergies and chemical sensitivities grew worse; I felt terrible and was afraid of what the future might bring in terms of the state of my health. The supplements seemed to make sense in terms of what my body needed to resolve the conditions and restore the balance in my gut, but it just wasn’t working. A good friend of mine suggested I find an applied kinesiologist, someone who could muscle test me to determine exactly what my body was reacting to and what supplements would help restore balance.

I found Dr. Bonnie Liakos’ website and it’s been one of the best decision I’ve made for my health. Without telling her of my previous diagnosis of SIBO and candida, Dr. Liakos immediately identified these conditions, and beyond those, informed me of a heavy metal overload, as well as a significant parasite infection. Conducted extensive food and environmental allergy testing through AK (muscle testing), Dr. Liakos identified a significant list of allergies. She clearly explained the issues and the steps she would put in place to eradicate them; the phases of each, what my action steps would be and her role in supporting my healing. There were a number of steps, but each built on the success of the previous step and I was seeing progress in the form lessening allergies and sensitivities within the first month.

I was so profoundly grateful for Dr. Liakos’ vast knowledge and her incredible compassion; she always listened to my concerns and addressed each to my satisfaction. She made herself available during those times when I was home and not feeling well. She was reassuring and always had and action plan for me to follow. I’ve since cleared my food allergies and a majority of my chemical sensitivities; I’m even eating gluten and dairy occasionally!! As well, the SIBO and Candida have been cleared and my digestive symptoms are gone. I feel like a new person. I’ve more energy, the brain fog has lifted, the aches and pains are nearly gone, but I trust that once I’ve completed the last step of the protocol- the parasite cleanse- those symptoms will be gone as well. There is no substitution for AK, muscle testing, to determine exactly what YOUR body needs; what’s out of balance and the nutrients and body work needed to restore optimal health. I highly recommend Dr. Liakos and can say with confidence that she has restored my health and thus the quality of my life. She’s done this for me and many others, I trust she can help you too.

— Allise D.