Unlike the medical field, which has done a very good job in distinguishing the many different types of medical doctors and what specifically their specialties are and treat, the chiropractic field has failed greatly in this area. Most people think that if they go to a chiropractor, the only differences they have to be concerned about is location and if they accept their insurance.

If one has seen a chiropractor before, they may be familiar with specific adjusting techniques and physical therapy. Unfortunately, not all chiropractors practice the same, so patients do have the ability to pick and choose a practitioner that they feel suits their health needs.

When I first started in practice, I wanted to adjust as many patients as possible, put physical therapy on them and perhaps recommend a back support or cervical pillow to help with their structural problems. As I grew as a doctor, I began exploring Applied Kinesiology and other holistic health protocols because I always felt that the body was interconnected through all its systems and just fixing structure was only the tip of the iceberg.

As I began taking many Applied Kinesiology seminars on many different health issues, I was amazed at how more efficiently I could help my patients regain their health in so many different ways. I eventually became a Certified Applied Kinesiologist. The nature and feel of my practice began to change and the type of patients that started coming to see me changed dramatically as well. Instead of fixing someone’s lower back pain, I was able to help them with their digestive problems, their headaches, their lack of energy, their hormonal imbalances along with their lower back pain. The more advanced I became as an Applied Kinesiologist, the more complicated my patients became. This challenged me to continue to became a much better Holistic Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist, for which I am grateful for.

As I approach my 36th anniversary in practice, I continue to remain excited about all the new protocols and techniques I am looking forward to learning. Every time I return from an Applied Kinesiology Seminar, I can’t wait to try the new techniques that I have learned on each and every one of my patients.

As a Certified Applied Kinesiologist, I am also a Holistic Chiropractor. I look at all your systems equally, structure, chemical, and the brain to try to return your body to its most optimal health. The body is an amazing machine. By learning how to fix it, fine tune it and correct its imbalances amazing health changes can happen. This is what I try to do every day for my patients.

So next time you decide to look for a chiropractor, remember that there is a big difference between how I practice and how others do. Take a few minutes to think about what state of health your body is actually in. Do you really want to get as healthy as you possibly can? If so, think about finding someone like me, someone truly holistic, someone who will think outside the box to help you achieve your healthiest possibilities, both now and in the future.

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