Headaches are a very interesting topic to write about. No two people ever experience a headache exactly the same way. There are those of you that get headaches in the front of their head or in the temples. Then there are those who get headaches along the back of their head or into their jaw. Sometimes the headache starts in the neck region and goes all the way around the head. There are tight tension headaches which cause pain behind your eye(s), or the feeling that someone put a hat on your head that is too small. Lastly, of course, there is the migraine type of headaches.

Regardless of the types of headache you may experience, most headaches are caused when the muscles get too tight around your head and the blood vessels constrict. The key here is finding the cause of these symptoms.

What most people don’t realize is that many headaches are brought on by eating and drinking foods you may have a sensitivity to without realizing it. The headaches may also be a result of toxicity within your body, which causes the whole musculoskeletal and vascular system to not function properly. This then causes the muscles to tighten up and not be able to relax again. Headaches may also be caused by being out of alignment or having a TMJ problem, which is brought on by clenching the jaw at night.

Regardless of the reason- and there are many more besides the ones I listed- helping some one get rid or at least lessen their headaches is very possible. I have been doing this for over 26 years and have given hundreds of people back their lives.

Taking pain medication may work for a quick fix but remember, it only addresses the symptom, not the cause. Only by figuring out the cause and correcting it within the body can you ever really be free of the headache rollercoaster.

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