Hello! Welcome to my practice. If you have been referred to me, it’s my pleasure to help you understand why you have been recommended to me. If you found me on your own or by accident, you have come across the website of a very unique and very caring Holistic Doctor.

Today, more and more people than ever before are seeking “Natural or Holistic” healthcare. This type of healthcare has become so much part of the mainstream of our healthcare system that calling it “alternative” no longer applies.

People are beginning to learn and understand that illness may also be due to physiological dysfunction. Poor health does not always fall into the realm of pathology requiring medication or surgery. Illness due to physiological dysfunction can benefit tremendously by re-establishing health and wellness without a dependency on pharmaceuticals. Complementary (Natural) healthcare offers the option of regaining health by helping the body and mind heal themselves.

At my practice, I focus on figuring out the causes of your health problems on all levels and do not merely treat your symptoms. My unique holistic approach allows me to get to these different causes, correct them and then help your body regain its health. In the process, most of your symptoms are eliminated and you no longer have to use prescription drugs or over the counter medications for temporary relief.



There are many conditions that I have been able to help my patients with over the years. Some are simple, but most are very complex. 


Each patient is a unique individual. After determining what conditions you have, I design specific programs and treatments to help you regain your health.


Many techniques pull from multiple health disciplines, like chiropractic, osteopathy, eastern medicine, podiatry, and more.




Naturally Heal Lyme Disease
Dr. Bonnie Liakos is featured on Channel 12 News


"I had been suffering from cluster migraines my entire adult life. They were so debilitating that I would have to go into a dark room, lying perfectly still for hours, totally incapacitated. I had gone form one medical doctor to another. They had prescribed multiple medications which had only marginally helped me. Then a colleague of mine told me about Dr. Liakos and how she had helped his mother get rid of her migraines. Not only did Dr. Liakos figure out what was causing my terrible headaches, but she was able to get rid of them utilizing several of her protocols in a short amount of time. She is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever been to, to this day. I no longer wake up each day worrying about when my next migraine will hit, but rather wake up ready to take on what ever life has to offer." 

Jason L.