Candida, also referred to as Systemic Yeast, has become an epidemic in our society. How does one get Candida and what are the symptoms? Candida occurs over time when an individual takes antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement or exchanges any body fluid with another person that has Candida. The ph of the large intestine changes, causing the helpful bacteria to die and the yeasts and molds to multiply to abnormally high levels. When this occurs the toxins from the yeast and mold metabolism are able to leak through the wall of the large intestine (leaky gut syndrome) and go everywhere throughout your body, ending up with a layer of toxic chemicals around your brain.

Some of the symptoms of Candida are brain fog, memory problems, emotional issues, digestive problems, rashes, muscular/skeletal pain, headaches, compromised immune system, increase in allergies, sensitivities to foods and food colors, additives and preservatives and more.

My approach to getting rid of Candida is very unique and different from other protocols. All my testing utilizes the noninvasive techniques of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  I test you on over 200 foods and chemicals besides the Candida and molds, and then determine what sensitivities you have developed. I then test you on many different supplements to figure out exactly what your body needs to negate your sensitives and bring the yeast and molds back into normal balance. Multiple structural corrections are then done, including cranial rebalancing and organ/system/muscle corrections. You are then put on my own special Candida/food sensitivity diet.

Lastly, and probably the most important aspect of my protocol, is engaging the brain into the scenario. Without this step, your body can never fully get rid of the Candida and go back into normal balance. This protocol lasts three weeks and at the end, if you have followed my instructions and committed yourself to completing my Candida protocol, you will not have Candida any more. I have helped hundred and hundreds of patients get rid of their Candida. Why not let me help you become Candida free and be on your way to regaining your health?

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