Long before microwave ovens, cell phones, iPods and etc., it was believed that low-level electromagnetic fields (EMFs) were not harmful to your health. Now scientists agree that these low-level electromagnetic fields actually are very harmful to human health. Believe it or not, one of the biggest culprits is the electric blanket.

They now consider electromagnetic fields to be “probable carcinogens” and have been linked to many cases of cancer and other health conditions. What the Elecro-Magnectic Fields (or EMF's) do is create a genotoxic effect on DNA, affect immune function, affect neurology and behavior, cause childhood cancers (Leukemia), impact melatonin production (Alzheimer’s Disease, breast cancer), create an increased chance for brain cancer and much more.

My best advice is to minimize products that emit these EMF’s. Never stand in front of a microwave and avoid the use of electric blankets and electric heating pads. Always use a protective ear tube to plug in to your cell phone, avoid blue tooth devices and use the phone on speaker when ever possible. Get up from your computer once an hour and walk away from it’s electromagnetic field for a few minutes. No one knows for sure how many illnesses will be caused by the EMF’s; only time will tell. I can tell you that within my practice, I have many patients coming to see me already exhibiting the effects of electromagnetic field-related health issues. This is something I rarely saw ten years ago.

Be smart and minimize whenever possible. Help yourself stay healthy and choose alternative ways to live in our highly electromagnetic world.

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