Candida. Is That Why I Cannot Remember Anything?

In todays world, we are exposed to so many more chemicals, pesticides, pollutants, medications, electro-magnetic fields, heavy metals, hormones and more than ever before. Many of these things have only been around for the past 20-40 years. Our bodies have to work very hard to filter these things out and then try to re-balance itself on a daily basis.

One health issue that has become an epidemic problem is "Systemic Candida". When I fist started in practice over 35 years ago, I only saw candida in about 25% of my patients. Today I see it in 95% of my patients. So why has this number continued to rise year after year?

Candida is a naturally occurring yeast (fungus) found in the large intestine. It does not normally cause any health issues. It is relatively small in numbers compared to the healthy and helpful bacteria that are also found in the large intestine. With the increase in anti-biotic use, hormone replacement, birth control pills, hormone IUD's and the hormones put into our animal food source, candida and the health problems associated with it, has increased astronomically in recent years.

All of these things change the ph of the large intestine into an environment that is unfriendly to the helpful and healthy bacteria, so they can no longer survive. It does become an environment that is very friendly to candida and other fungus', and so they multiply and basically take over the large intestine. Candida, fungus' and their bi- product of metabolism (an opiate chemical) do not stay within the large intestine. Micro holes develop which enables them to leak out of your gut (leaky gut syndrome) and go all over your body, with layers of the opiate chemicals ending up around the brain.

One of the main symptoms of candida is memory problems. We call this "Brain Fog" . With the layers of chemicals around the brain, the brain itself can not function at 100%. The ability to recall information and remember things in many people is greatly compromised. There are many other symptoms of candida. Digestive problems, muscular skeletal pain, headaches, vaginal yeast infections, rashes, allergies, the tendency to get sick more often, hormonal issues. anxiety and much more. No one ever has all of them, but everyone always has several of these issues. The good news is that I have been able to help thousands of patients that ended up having "Systemic Candida" get well.

Candida does not care if you are male or female, young or old, anyone can end up with this health problem.If you would like more information on how I treat candida, you can go to my website at Candida is not a life sentence, but it can make you very sick. I look forward to helping you regain your health!