I Have Lyme Disease. Will I Ever Feel Well Again?


I have been in practice for over 35 years. In that period of time I have seen patients with all types of health problems. Lyme disease is probably one of the most complicated and debilitating health issue I have seen.

What makes Lyme disease so hard to treat, is that most people who become very sick from Lyme already have many other factors affecting their health that have not been treated first. Many of my patients have tried years and years of being on antibiotics, then taking herbal formulations and then starting the whole process over again and never really getting well.

In order to get well from Lyme all aspects of one's health must be addressed. In other words your structure, your chemistry and your brain function must all be working together in order for the body to heal. In my practice this is exactly what I do. I asses all aspects of one's health to figure out what is compromising a patients health and then set up an appropriate protocol specifically designed for that patient.

I look at your body as an equal lateral triangle. Structure on the bottom, chemical on the left and brain function on the right. When your body is not functioning correctly on any of these sides, this triangle is no longer equal. This causes a break in communication and the different parts of body can not longer work together enabling you to get well.

My approach is to help the body on all sides become balanced and communicate with each other in a way that it is supposed to. By being able to achieve this, I have been able to help my patients with Lyme disease regain their health and lead full and functioning lives. Lyme is not an easy fix, but with the right treatment and dedication on my part and my patients part, you can feel well again.